Official Unofficial Marty Lurie Fan Club!

Billie here, Prez, Official Unofficial Marty Lurie Fan Club!

Thank you to the original 25 members, and to the fabulous 15 at the Public House on 9/28. Your quarters helped pay for the launch.  All proceeds, after web fees, go to the causes.

Send 25c (or $1 if you wish) to:

B. Forer/MLFC       PO Box 4401     San Rafael CA     94913

Our mission: To have fun, and to donate money to Giants Community Fund and/or Bryan Stow Foundation, in Marty’s name. We encourage you to send a check to one of those, or a charity in your own community, in Marty’s name. Post a photo of yourself with the certificate, to post here or on FB, if you’d like.

Thanks a mil!

Click on the link below for your certificate!

Marty Lurie Fan Club (5)

28 thoughts on “Official Unofficial Marty Lurie Fan Club!

  1. Great to hear you promoting on the radio today! Was one of the originals on the patio (PConn paid my 25 cents)…. Love this idea and the plan to have everyone use the club to promote donations to good causes in Marty’s honor!

  2. Any word on whether Marty be at Scottsdale, March 14, 15, 16 for Spring Training Games? If so, perhaps he could broadcast from one of the local bars. Maybe Salty’s!

    1. Hi Bob, Happy New Year! We don’t have Marty’s schedule here at the Fan Club. I think his FB page is the perfect spot to ask/suggest that! Thanks, Billie

  3. Thank you, BennyO. When we get closer to next year’s baseball season, I’ll look into all that. I’ll be getting help from my young people, soon.
    Meanwhile, download the certificate and post a photo of yourself on Marty’s fb page!

  4. Billie,

    I would like to talk to you about donating money for cancer month and to the Jr Giants and for site support. All in one! You can reach me through my email, then I can give you my telephone number.

    Thank you,

    Gerard B. White
    Go SF Gmen.

  5. just wondering if you are open to accepting donations from Australia? Absolutely love listening to Marty even the time zones allow me. A true baseball icon……..

    Keep up the good work Billie

    1. Australia, wow!! I love that people listen from all over the world. This is evolving and I’m getting help with making it more clear…but of course you can donate! I’m suggesting that people donate to Bryan Stow Foundation or Giants Community Fund (through their websites) in Marty’s name. OR, to a good cause in your own community. If you can print out the certificate from our link (if not, it will work in a few days), I think it would be so cool to send a photo of yourself holding it. Then post it on Marty’s FB page, or email it to him at
      You don’t need to send me the 25 cents…that was the joke part…we’ll spot you!
      Btw, he may have podcasts up on his website Love of the Game Productions…that can help us get through the off-season!
      Best Regards, Billie

  6. I’m in gave Marty my 25cents this AM.
    How do I register?
    This sounds like so much fun.
    Thank you Marty for all that you do. You are the best.

  7. Thanks Marty…you’re my source for all things baseball! Love the show, the guests, the Public House fun, and now….the Fan Club! Have a great off season. Enjoy Cabo!

  8. I listen to Marty religiously during the entire baseball season. I’ve learned so much about baseball from him. So sad that the Giants’ season is over. The “un-baseball season” leaves me with such an empty feeling. How does one join this “fan club?” Thanks, Marty for the difference you make in the baseball world. Can’t wait ’til the 2014 season; enjoy your time off, Marty!

  9. I’m so glad someone started a Marty Lurie fan club. I listen to him religiously every weekend during Giants baseball season. I’ve learned so much from Marty in the past two years that I’ve been listening to him. Can’t wait for the 2014 season. Go Giants!

  10. Wow – I’m turning 60 in a few months and want to mail in my quarter to join a fan club…HA!

    In the closing moments of the Giants 2013 season, I would like to know Marty’s thoughts on having the fan club put forth your name for commish in 2015…?

    What a season indeed… :)

  11. Dear Marty: My 13 year old Son James and I listen to you EVERY weekend … you make GIANTS BASEBALL SO REAL for us !!! … We Love You Marty !!!!!

  12. Just dropped my quarter on Marty at the Public House. I would like to find out if I can help with the website and other stuff. Pls get in touch to discuss if you’re open to help.

  13. Larry Baer just said on the radio that he didn’t have the quarter in his pocket, required to join the fan club…any help out there for him?

      1. thank you, I’m working on it. assembling a volunteer staff as we speak. lots going on…it was a big weekend! I’m from the previous century. getting help soon.

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