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Official Unofficial Marty Lurie Fan Club!

Billie here, Prez, Official Unofficial Marty Lurie Fan Club!

Thank you to the original 25 members, and to the fabulous 15 at the Public House on 9/28. Your quarters helped pay for the launch.  All proceeds, after web fees, go to the causes.

Send 25c (or $1 if you wish) to:

B. Forer/MLFC       PO Box 4401     San Rafael CA     94913

Our mission: To have fun, and to donate money to Giants Community Fund and/or Bryan Stow Foundation, in Marty’s name. We encourage you to send a check to one of those, or a charity in your own community, in Marty’s name. Post a photo of yourself with the certificate, to post here or on FB, if you’d like.

Thanks a mil!

Click on the link below for your certificate!

Marty Lurie Fan Club (5)